MKE<->LAX investigates cultural exchange between two American regions through residencies and public programs.


Last October, MKE <-> LAX presented a platforming project in the form of an exhibition in the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design’s Layton Gallery. Throughout the exhibition there were multiple stations that allowed for viewers to give their responses to the prompts “Why do you think Milwaukee is interesting?,” and “Why do you think Los Angeles is interesting?” These questions, which are also answered by each of the MKE<->LAX talent, are meant to explore cultural stereotypes  between each of these cities. Beginning this August, MKE <-> LAX will present a viewer response card collected from the exhibition each month for one year.
Special thanks to Harvey Opgenorth for conceptual support, Jessica Steeber for conceptual and website support, Monica Miller for MKE <-> LAX card presentation and website support, and Special Entertainment for constructing the website.
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